Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama, officially worse than Hitler

I am beginning to wonder if we are ever going to see America, as the land of the free again. First, I just received an email from another concerned individual about the government, on its own website, (link found here) now asking for the public's help in tracking down people spreading false information about the health care reform. Un-fucking-believable. Then, two days later, I find this site, (link found here) talking about another government program working to turn out country into a giant Nazi, Gestapo-like empire. I have to admit, growing up in the federal education system with parents from the same brainwashing schools, I always felt the term "Big brother is watching you!" was outrageous and only paranoid people really believed that. I now see things different and I'm afraid it's almost too late to stop. I decided to send an email to this government email address to let them know what I think about what this country is turning into and I hope that every citizen of the united States (not United States) does the same. Below is the email and even if this goes nowhere, I feel a little better about at least doing something. I think if "We the People" all do something, this country can change, and for the better, not for Obama's big business partners.

To whom it may concern: (A letter to concerning Obama’s fascist Administration)

So now you want us to turn I our neighbors and become government snitches? You want people to investigate??? How about you investigate your own President? In fact, I say impeach this sorry excuse for an American!!! I used to think you (the United States government) were doing this because you were retarded, ignorant, and simply, completely out of touch with reality. Now I believe you are doing this on purpose, thinking you’re the second coming of Hitler, or worse, Jesus Christ. Asking people to turn in their neighbors and snitch on others is a new low, even for this worthless Nazi Administration. I would even go so far as to consider it the biggest bitch move yet. How far do you think you can go with this? Has anyone in the White House read a history book? Do you not know the American Patriot cannot be bound? That Socialism has failed every single government in the past, and will fail us too? That Freedom has won before, and will defeat tyranny every time? Do you not realize you are causing the second American Revolution? People are mad, furious, outraged, and planning to take this country back.

I can't believe I even have to write this. Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves for this. I thought our last president was bad, but you guys have done more damage in the last seven months than the last seventy years combined. Therefore, this must be being done on purpose. No one can fuck up this much on accident. I like that you use terms like "conspiracy theory" and "angry racist mobs" when you talk about the grassroots movement becoming tired of this shit. What a pathetic attempt on your part. All it takes is a few days of research and a history lesson to realize American citizens are being betrayed and lied to. I could go on, but would rather get back to the point.

Now you are asking for information on whoever is "spreading incorrect information deliberately" on the health care proposal? FOR WHAT? For the record, I'll say whatever I want to say. I hope you know that's called "freedom of speech", fuckers. Even though I could say the truth about how horrible this health care plan is, and use simple, easy to read information of how shitty this proposal is, I won't. I am now going to do my best to lie, misconstrue, distort, twist, skew, and alter the facts to my advantage, to encourage as many people I can reach, to discount and dismiss this health care plan. I think it's only fair to do the same thing you're doing to the American public, and anyone who takes someone's word for truth without doing the research, is only showing the great success of the Federal education system.

I hate that you are the reason my kids will have less in the future. I hate that you were able to cause this much damage already. I hate that you were able to feed the masses the blue pill without any resistance. I hate that you continue to damage this country and ruin this great nation with war, inflation, and debt. I hate your pathetic attempts to strip us of more and more rights. You know we can't afford this health plan and yet you still push for it, solely for your own fascist agenda. Good luck because we the people will not allow much more. That's not a threat, that's a promise.