Monday, March 29, 2010

United States of National Socialism

Hey guys, I wanted to discuss something from a book I'm reading titled: "They Thought They Were Free." It's about the German people from 1933-1945, and the similarities to them at that time, and Americans now, is amazingly disturbing. Here is one of the parts that really bothered me the most:

"The national behavior of Germany between 1933 and 1945-and, it would seem, of most Germans-indicates a character that is just about as unattractive as a character can be. Among the million or so who ran, or tried to run away from National Socialism, there were many who opposed it on principal. Maybe a million more fought it, or tried to fight it, from within. A few million more didn't like it. But so many Germans liked it (and not just some of it, but all of it) that it may justly be said to have represented the predominate national character of the time. And National Socialism, made in Germany, out of the German character, is the worst thing that modern man has made.
Worst certainly, than Communism; for it is not the performance of political systems which justifies or condemns them, but their principles. Communism, in principle, supposes itself to represent the wretched of the earth and bars no man by nature from Communist redemption; the Nazi, in categorical contrast, took themselves to be the elite of the earth and consigned whole categories of men to perdition by their nature. The distinctions between these two totalitarianisms may not command much interest in the present temper of the Western Christian; they are still distinctions.
National Socialism could have happened elsewhere in the modern world, but it hasn't yet. Up to now it is unique to Germany. And the deception and self-deception it required were required of a people whose civilization, by common measurement, was very highly advanced. German music and art, German belles-lettres and philosophy, German science and technology, German theology and education, (especially at the highest levels) were part and parcel of Western achievement. German honesty, industry, family virtue and civil government were the pride of other Western countries where Germans settled. "I think", says professor Carl Hermann, who never left his homeland, "that even now the outside world does not realize how surprised we non-Nazis were in 1933. When mass dictatorship occurred in Russia, and then in Italy, we said to one another, 'That is what happens in backward countries. We are fortunate, for all our troubles, that it cannot happen here.' But it did, worse than everywhere else, and I think that all the explanations leave some mystery. When I think of it all, I still say, with unbelief, 'Germany-no, not Germany.' "

I can't even count the number of times I have heard these same thoughts about America being "too great of a nation" and "too advanced and privileged to become a Nazi style dictatorship" and can't help but feel intense frustration for having the proof from Germany less than 80 years ago in front of everyone and no one sees it! How can this be?

All it takes is common sense and an obvious desire to keep your children safe to want to stand up now and say enough of this National Socialism scheme! IT DOESNT WORK. The welfare, social security, income tax, common good, serve your community, register your guns, buy your way out of debt, obey big brother, and now Obama-care BULLSHIT NEEDS TO STOP. A free, advanced, secure, honest, caring country of individuals have gone down this road before, and it leads to a Nazi-style World War ending. These words came from regular people. Not one German wanted that WW2 ending. Not one human wanted that WW2 ending. It's simply the result of National Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Dictatorship, whatever you want to call it. It's simply the people not standing up for freedom when they had the chance.

In conclusion, I'm not bitching about how bad this country is, (even though it is falling apart rather quickly). I'm bitching about what it could end up and what my beautiful innocent kids could possibly be forced to live in. This is our time to shine and most Americans are still asleep. I am begging you to step out of your comfort zone and talk to people. Understand most people will remain asleep but you have to try. There are others out there that will wake up and we need them now. Not next month, or next year, or when you have more time, or once you have finished college, or once you're financially stable, NOW. I am able to personally find between one or two events almost every week within 20-30 miles only after about 6 months of online searching and meeting people at different local events. I can't attend every one, but I try. If everyone did this and made an effort to learn more, stand up, and discuss this stuff, we might actually get something done. It's not up to the republicans, or libertarians, or any other group of people. It's up to us, every individual that gives a shit about freedom, and only us.