Monday, February 23, 2009

Last nights final Oscars ever...

This is amazing to me...the world is either 6 months away from economic collapse, or 6 months already started into it, and yet millions tuned into watch the oscars. Not something that affects their lives, or something with meaning and importance, but a group of actors glorifying each other as the best things this world has to offer for a good two to three hours.

My wife asked me why, if there is so much turmoil going on in the world, why they would even have the oscars. My answer was simple. These are the first ones to die when shit happens. These people are the prime example of what's wrong with this country. They are exactly what the government wants. Mindless sheep looking at nothing but themselves, worshiping worthless materialistic things, wasting thier time concentrating on ANYTHING but whats really going on. It's perfect! Instead of trying to control the masses with twisting the truth, and trying to work around the people, let's just dumb them down to the point where everyone only cares about the Next American Idol and who won this years Best Actor Award. I am so fed up with this shit it's unbelievable to me.

What really tops it off for me is if they do pay attention to politics or government, they focus on the most unimportant topics. I mean, yes gay rights are important but seriously, fuck man, why does Sean Penn have to spend his entire time talking about that? Why not bring up Socialism, Communism, Obama going back on everything he said six months ago, China telling us to fuck off, our stock market in the tank, the desolving dollar, the fact that we have soldiers in 150 countries around the world, our path to universal health care. no...let's spend your entire two minutes on stage talking about gay rights...nice-

I want people to wake up, WAKE UP! I can't believe what this is turing into. I am ashamed of what the people of this country have become. I told my wife these will be the ones that freak out the most when we collapse. these are the ones that will have millions of worthless dollars and not one ounce of preparations ready. they wont have stored food. They wont have anyone to turn to. they will die in their bentley for being ignorant. They will starve to death wearing Gucci and Armani.

I start to hate them for being so pathetic and then realize it's not their fault. They are mearly the prouduct of their environment. this is what the government wants. This is EXACTLY what the government wants. The worst part is I don't see us ever comming out of this hole. It's not going to happen until it's way too late and the ones that do wake up will be too far gone to make it out alive. I hope you read this know I love this country but thank to the powers in government, we will be the ones that suffer. We will have to rebuild this place. and we the people will have no one to blame but ourselves. The decline of our knowledge of government, politics, and common sense has dwindled to a new low and only we can save ourselved. Be prepared. Stop watching TV. There is a war going on for our minds. Take control and make a difference for yourself before it's too late. Good luck...we will need it!

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